Minggu, 30 November 2008

We awoke to the first snow of the season. Big, sloppy, wet kisses of flakes smacked my face as I opened the door to let the excited and then hesitant dogs outside. What a great day to return from church/Sunday School and bake sugar cookies!

In the past two years I've collected handwritten recipes passed down to my mom and to my mother-in-law. I love using them. It's soothing. Makes the house smell good. Keeps me out of trouble. Maybe.

So today, as my heart deals with some turmoil over a decision made elsewhere and not to my liking, I pulled out my grandma's sugar cooky recipe and stirred up a batch to get over my useless focus and channel the concentration towards something worthwhile.

There may be some connection here in terms of cause and effect.

If not, the cookies are good anyway.

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