Selasa, 18 November 2008

Content with Content

English is odd. Plenty has been said or written about that. In Sit Stay and Read this week one student tested "PREsent" as in gift, in a place where "preSENT" should have been used.
It made me look at "conTENT" and "CONtent". Well, that experience did but so did just assessing where I am at in life. Often now I think about how content I truly am and it may be because of the content of life.
Every day is a blessing. Our country is so well off, even in these times of question. And, we are going to heal. Look at the mere fact that Obama and McCain met yesterday to evaluate how they can work together. Look at the recent indication that the present administration won't use the remaining $350 billion but will defer to the incoming administration. Our leaders have a sense of collaboration. When did that ever happen before?
Even with this, the contentment I feel comes from within and never flees. It's a thankfulness and gratefulness and awareness of how fortunate I am to live in a free country and be able to make choices and take action.
We are who we choose to be.
Pray for what you can do - not about what you can't.

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