Minggu, 09 November 2008

Small Matters - a Fall Walk

Be part of the problem or part of the solution. That choice belongs to each of us. You choose for yourself and then you live with the choice. What you have or don't have matters little - none of it goes with us anyway. None of it brings true and lasting comfort. What makes you part of the solution is who you are and that is no small matter.

Not just now, but at all times, with all people:

Attire your whole being in your smile.
Be patient; be rewarded.
Decide to participate.
Exercise your imagination.
Forgive yourself.
Grant wishes.
Horse around.
Ignite your own fire.

Juggle; we all do.
Kneel often.
Laugh till it hurts.
Measure only what you are cutting.
Nullify the negative.
Offend no one.
Please say please.
Quit complaining.
Rest assured.
Stay in touch.
Take time to do what you do right.
Understand reason and emotions.
Verify, verify, verify.
Walk in another's shoes.
Xerox with permission!
Yield to the other driver.
Zip your lip if you can't say something nice.

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