Minggu, 12 Oktober 2008

Weather or Not

We have friends in Erie, CO and the Mr. of the two hails from New Jersey, where apparently they don't have weather. At least, whenever we talk to him, he is amazed that we say we something along the lines of "The weather is..." or "We are having SOME weather today..."

Funny how people come together. And, the things we remember about each other that make each person special are exaggerated by the miles between us.

These are friends we haven't seen for awhile. Even though Ed is actually in CO this week he won't see them. I almost said "won't have time" or "won't have a chance". That's not true. We didn't plan his trip to allow it. How unfortunate.

You know, it's not as tough as we might think to hold on to valuables these days. We made the mistake of not doing that in this go-around. Already we regret it. Money may slip through our hands. Numbers and percentages change. Darned if we can do anything spectacular or instant about it. But, shame on us for not staying in better contact with these two.

Someone could be sick.
Someone could be hurting.
Someone could be wondering.
Someone could be hoping.
Someone could be needy.
Someone could be joyful.
Someone could be anxious.
Someone could be excited.
Someone could be challenged.
Someone could be happy.
Someone could be saved.

Don't you want to know?

Sunny days, stormy weather...I want to be there.

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