Rabu, 29 Oktober 2008

EVERYBODY here has a story.

Sunday I wore long underwear. Winter is coming. The election is coming. As I write this the Obama 30 minute message runs on our TV, before the continuation of the World Series. How amazing - a boy who became a man in a most unusual way, probably soon to be the leader of the free world, presenting a pre-paid message to us before our national sport's final championship.

Now showing is him giving his announcement to run for President, on a cold February day, over 17 months ago. We're there, on national television. How about that!

And, yet, we worry. We need to realize worry gets us nowhere. We need to know that times are tough but we are survivors and we will rise above this because we will push up our sleeves and dig in and get better.

We have been soft. Every single one of us, from the extremely wealthy to the very poor. It's commonly known that our homeless are better off than many of the ordinary citizens in third world countries.

For a long time we rode the gravy train and turned away from what we didn't want to see. Now too many of us are not just seeing it but a part of it. We see friends and acquaintances changing their lives. We see strangers struggling. We do what we have to but more than that we do what we want to do - we reach out, we touch, we show compassion, we praise and encourage, we pray. We think about how much we can do and still take care of ourselves yet we know that God wants us to love Him and love other people. We do. And, we hope.

We hope that America will become stronger. We know it will take time and LOTS of effort and that we need to link arms to strengthen the chain we form around our economy, our existence.

Flush as we have been, hard times are not foreign to a majority of us. Reality now is harsh. It's our moment to peel back the layers and show our inner toughness and strength. And, while we are at it, ask for God's blessing on our country.

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