Minggu, 05 Oktober 2008



At times, admittedly not for long, I wonder why there is so much dog hair on the floors, every day. Even though I sweep 2 x a day. Then I wonder why it is time to go shopping for all types of food again, so soon. Done with that, I find there is laundry to do. Endless chores. About fifteen minutes a month everything is caught up.

Part of why it isn't for a longer period of time or more often is because when a friend posts or sends a link that is memorable, fun, and great - I go. I take the little trip and get away. This one is a goody. So is the dancing dog one on YouTube - look it up!

Why are they goodies?

Well,....they make a person smile.

In case you are struggling meeting your daily smile quota, this helps. It's free, it's easy, it can be repeated as often as needed, it's a gift from another blogger to me and me on to you. Get going!

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