Kamis, 07 Agustus 2008

Memory Lane

Today was going to be all about the puppies we're babysitting and maybe the lady overseas who had her dog cloned and now has six new puppies that cost upwards of $150k. I'm just not sure about that. It is a great pleasure to get to know each distinct dog - this has been our week to do that!

But, a grade school neighbor and close friend sent me a some memory joggers from our era. What a fun review that was for me! I'd forgotten some things temporarily, if temporary is 50 years, that is. Of course, to her list, which included penny candy, Sky King (and Penny, Lassie and Timmy, Red Skelton, Our Miss Brooks (Eve Ardon and Richard Crenna), roller skate keys (it's here somewhere), 5 cent Mickey D' burgers, and a score of other things, I added Old Maid - not a PC game at this point, jacks, Sputnik bubble gum (still #1 in my book), Tastee Freeze with "chocolate Thursday", pop beads, and a bundle of others.

What it also does remind me about is that underlying concern our parents and grandparents and neighbors all had about how "...these kids are going to turn out..." Well, most of us handled the addition of TV OK and have been able to transition from the transistor radio to MP3, iPod, etc. Did they worry for naught? Probably not. That worry counts for parenting, watchful eyes, guidance, and love.

Today's children get plenty of the gadgets. Let's hope for the majority there is an interested person somewhere, wondering enough about how they will turn out to that they choose to get involved.

Have a great day! Buy some balloons and hand them out!
(But ask the grown up if it is OK first.)

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