Senin, 11 Agustus 2008

Every young 'un needs a fair break now and then. Check out the after lunch break time. I want my blankie and my spot on the floor in the kindergarten room :-)
The State Fair brings babies of all types and the 4H-ers are happy to let humans go through and see the newborns. The ducklings are only a couple of days old.

What a sweet boy! Right now he is a bull. We learned cows poop 15 times a day. He is a week old today.

These two oinkers are FAIRly new. Like all babies, even these are cute when they sleep. Kevin BACON and Dennis CHOPper. I don't want to think of their futures.

Cattle of another sort - the ever-sought butter cow; this one with a calf who approaches butter skunks! And, I found a metal cow, out of the mainstream and with no long line to see it.

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