Senin, 18 Agustus 2008

I Remember When They Asked "Beach Volleyball is an Olympic Sport?

Yes, it seems there was a day when Beach Volleyball was not considered worthy of Olympic game status but it's not a day in the year 2008! I'm not following the men, although I should. But those women ROCK. It may be I skip my book group tonight to see them play. We're reading JANE EYRE.
She never played volleyball anywhere! No doubt the Bronte sisters led much less public lives than the vast majority of females today.

Anyway, I enjoy the games and the commentary about where our tremendous duo goes, that they each got married, etc. It's nice. And we need nice in our lives.

Flex your muscles, ladies! Guys - what can I say? These are exciting times and we should all be excited for each of the athletes and their accomplishments.

When the Games are done I'll go back to reading the Classics.

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