Jumat, 02 September 2011

Gone. Summer '11.

Ah, deep breath. The circle of life. It shows up sometimes in a tight formation, other times loose and large. I like living large. This summer has been smaller, concentric circles.

First, an actual vacation for me - going to camp in early August, at the height of the heat. Challenged to climb a Ozark mountain, I did it, in spite of near heat-exhaustion. Yes, I wondered if dying in the woods was my fate. Alas, it was not so the blog goes on and on, and maybe, on....

Then, shortly upon coming back we learned my husband will have BENIGN brain tumor surgery in later September. Humor moment: It explains a lot of things. Reality moment: It sucks and it is scary in spite of the stated status and predicted outcome.

So circles of life have been developing. The planning and execution of the vacation, the inclusion of loads of new friends into the big circle of acquaintances and friends, some maybe for life, others for this once a year adventure. This circle is very elastic and has opened up to bring back into it a couple of long time but lost friends.

All around it are the daily circles which are newly created to accommodate what will happen next. There's an exercise regime to keep too much weight from being added because "the mister" is on steroids. That's an actual physical circle of riding bikes in the mornings. We have the circle of errands to run to stock up on stuff that he thinks he needs on hand so I don't have to run out during his recuperation time. Chances are extremely high I will have forgotten something. Please. I'll need to go somewhere sometime.

More so, there is the circle of support. Prayer is immense and I've actually learned (hush) it is an act of service. Truth told, I sorta poo-poo'd some who cavalierly said "We'll pray..." but I have learned those who are really good at it are serving. It's not a substitute for action. It is an action. And, it is a much needed one.
Folks also offer to do stuff but at this point I'm not sure what it would or will be. The lawn's not growing so there's no mowing to do for awhile - maybe next spring! We are fortunate not to "need" anything. So, what will be best is for people to come and visit.

Of course, it's obvious to me this is a time you-know-who thinks long and hard about the circle of life in the philosophical sense. Has he done it right? Has he done all he wants? What difference has he made? Is there such a thing as a legacy and what is his? What will happen IF...(lots of fill-ins)? Fortunately we've had these kinds of conversations over the years. We know. All is well. What matters is being at peace with who each of us has been, is and will be. It ain't over till the pearly gates open!

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