Selasa, 27 September 2011

Book Covers

Once again it became clear to us how much is missed when people are judged by appearance. Ed recently underwent brain surgery (the previously mentioned benign tumor - gone). While several of us waited in the surgical waiting room we observed a pair of people upon whom most would turn their backs. Our group didn't "mix" with them but observed. One of them even came over and took a muffin from the stash a friend of ours had brought! We all chuckled over it and moved on with our waiting, waiting, waiting.

It turned out the unlikely couple's friend took the room across from Ed's so we saw more coming and going over a few days. One of the pair visited regularly, oddly dressed. We had glimpses of a wig on a chair and high heels but the room belonged to a guy so we weren't sure who was who or what was what.

Then, the young man (patient) occupying the room came over. He brought Ed a handmade card. Origami. A shirt. With a get well message neatly printed and a word of praise for God. It was moving. It changed me as it seems so many actions these days do. As Ed said, this young man, ill, probably homeless or close to it, reached out and gave us a clear example of the commandment - Love Thy Neighbor.

Sadly it took this to get me to go speak with him but I did and I admit I'm still baby-stepping my way to being God's humble servant. But I did talk to him and did wish him Godspeed at the end of Ed's stay.

There's so much to learn, so much for which to be thankful.

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