Rabu, 10 November 2010

Input Requested...but wait, there's more....

We have 5 dogs. That lovely little white dog (35 lbs) has developed a nasty behavior - she barks aggressively and appears to have severe separation anxiety and jealously. I've got a tee shirt on her. She has a calming collar. AND, she's taking a calming pill. She goes from wound up really tight (shaking, teeth chattering) to barking to crashed. Having attacked our oldest dog 4 weeks ago, in front of me, she can no longer be with the other dogs except when she's crashed and the oldest is in a covered crate. Then it is as if nothing happened at all - everyone is fine.

I'm the pack leader and they all know that. This one has been with us 3 years and although she argues with me she knows her place. She's the alpha.

She's been to obedience school, is extremely smart, loves to play "bring it" - our version of fetch.

She and a younger male dog stay in crates at night.

She gets walked (and does beautifully) daily.

She is wonderful in public - anywhere, with all people. At least she was until this started. Now I'm not sure.

I've switched her food gradually - all of them. No one else seemed bothered but the old or the new but now in addition to her dry food I have to give her some canned in order for her to eat. I know the pills cause panting and loss of appetite so watch her for water and food consumption. I do not free feed any of them.

It could be neurological or some other physical thing. I just don't know.

Any ideas?

Early morning, breaking news. Of all things, there was an ad on FB for calming collars so Saturday I asked our vet's wife about it as she manages the practice and we were busy decorating a Christmas tree (more another time). Tuesday, after exhausting pill options and reading about the collars, I bought one. It went on yesterday a.m. At first I didn't think it was making a difference and we had a terrible morning. By 2 p.m. "H" was back to her gleeful, frolicky self. The collar wins. We win! She will gladly be wearing one at least for two months. For those of you who may have a pet who suffers from an anxiety/fear/extremely negative energy - ask your pet doctor about a calming collar. These dispense pheromones for about 28-30 days. Day two begins and we are almost as normal as other people!

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