Senin, 22 November 2010

FAR OUT Sunday

The moon last night was spectacularly eerie; clouds stretched across it made it so. This shot was as early as 6:30 and it felt like midnight! Getting the photo taken meant making a body tripod just to avoid blurring. The whole thing was neay to see! Helped me realize, again, what a wonder this universe is! As far away as the moon is, it is a relatively close neighbor and remains a mystery to most of us. When you think about it - and do think about it sometime - the changes it makes, the way it impacts tides, which in turn impact so much else...kinda the butterfly flapping its wings progression. Hmmmmm.

Then, to bring everything into perspective, aka reality, I found Thanksgiving dinner for the dogs when I went to the pet store yesterday. They will dine in style. Maybe I'll cook some rice for them to step it up even more. We are, after all, very thankful to have them and our kitties with us, day in, day out. They bring us joy, challenges, exercise, and loads of love. We're a little shaken now, by the news that at least dogs are discriminating - they do not necessarily present unconditional love as we have thought all along. So, maybe I'm gearing up for this big dinner on Thursday, for them, just to keep on their good sides!

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