Minggu, 07 Februari 2010

Comes Around

This has NOTHING to do with the previous posting, beyond finishing a cliche'. So if you're new or don't want to read the previous posts, worry not. I'm making your day by saying "start here".

Today we toodled up to a small village 20+ miles from here, where in resides a pair of businesses we have learned to love - if only all lessons could be so delightful and fun. I'm talkin' about The Bluestem Bakery and The Copper Rooster. http://thecopperrooster.shopping.officelive.com/default.aspx and http://www.illinois-adventures.com/blog/Exploring_Elkhart.html . The bakery has been there for a few years and its partner used to be a marvelously laid out museum but the museum moved. After an appropriate waiting period the rooster perched. It is now crowing. And, I suspect additional breath is breathed into the bakery now that it has a roommate.

I didn't get a photo of the cookies and truffle we ordered. Silly me, we ate them before I thought of it. But I do have a photo of the eclectically charming arm dangle Mandy created. This is it, a Peace piece, resting
It only seemed right to perch it upon a cross "tatted" or "crocheted" (I can't
tell the difference.) by my grandma, gosh, 80 years ago??? Let's see, she'd be over 140 so sure. That would be a low guess as to how old it is. But, look at this; it's scrumptious. As good as the kringle cookie or the amaretto truffle or the cranberry oatmeal nut cookie.

The good news is each of these places has much, much more. Both are owned and operated by enthusiastic and gentle young women. Reason enough to go as far as some are concerned. But moreso, they are industrious and creative and dedicated and evolving.

We have been with one through some tough times. She has a small son and balances the bakery single-handedly while keeping him fed, clean, and busy. The other is a discovery, by chance, when I was returning from transporting rescued animals. Say it: OMEN. Well, she'd been open two weeks and used to be Two Dogs and a Cosmo! Ha! Dogs! She is a cardiac nurse first and an artist second but how long can that last. This piece is "cool". Some of her work has no words to describe the beauty, the design, the approach, the feeling, the blend...whatever it is, it works.

But, before we entered the main door I stooped to pick up a business / appointment card settled into the dampness on the sidewalk. It looked interesting. It'd been there awhile. It was a Christmas list.

Three items:
Ear Muffs (sound)
pen - pop-open bullet (Circuit City)
receding lamp for bed

The other side revealed...ta-DAH...an appointment for Snickers at the vet's on December 22, 2009!!! Hope Snickers got there and is A-OK.

But, did someone want ear muffs that had sound built into them or do they want to keep it out? And, the gift giver needs to know that Circuit City was closed by then, for good. Really, FOR GOOD. And, I'm just not sure what a receding lamp is, for bed or other uses.

Personally, I think I would have given a card with a promise to each of the lucky recipients.
"Your choice: bakery treats, jewelry, or a combo."

Go for it.

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