Selasa, 09 Februari 2010


Last night Doug Wilson was on a local TV channeled in a chef's outfit. The floppy hat thing did nothing for him except cover up his gorgeous hair. He was making 4 Cheese Macaroni. So much for healthy eating during heart month. I still like his restaurant. Never saw Trading Places or whatever show he had.

We've got more snow. Fine by me, a-l-t-h-o-u-g-h, I am noticing that I am a teensy bit stir crazy. So what I did yesterday, while waiting for the snow, was to order up a book copy of my blog. Now, that was interesting! I can hardly wait. But I will because I didn't fork over the rush or express $$$ to get it here in a week.

The other thing I did was buy Abner ( ) an official bed. Sure, he's a foster. But he's SO at home here I expect we'll have him till the end. And, if not, well, he can take his bed with him. He hasn't had a chance to use it yet. Winnie is scrunched in it and not about to relinquish the comfort it yields.

Since I was out I got groceries.

Then I went back on line and ordered some blank dog cards. Well, the dogs are not blank, there's not writing on the cards. I get to do that. They're coming from Belgrade, just outside Bozeman. . Check for yourself. Good stuff. Delightful young artist.

Last week, on a dreary, sloppy weather day, I ordered from another artist, a friend who was lucky enough to spend time in Paris last year.  She's helping out Make A Wish Foundation this year. Go ahead. Buy something.
View the catalog:
To learn more and order:

Clearly I need to go back into the kitchen and bake something before I get all these cards and need to start writing notes to people and while there's still checks in the checkbook. Isn't that how you know when there's no money? When the checks are all gone? OUCH!

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