Jumat, 15 Mei 2009

Peacemaker Cyclone

"You Want Me To Do What?"

Lucky, lucky us. Really. We've had the opportunity to foster several dogs and they've all gone to great homes. It is amazing to see how our dogs interact with each one of them. We are careful to introduce a newcomer slowly and to each dog separately. From what we observer we know how the "stay" will be and can adjust who goes out with who, etc.

Well, we may have met our match. Again, really. This put I regretfully named Cyclone has turned out to be a great addition to the white-tipped-tail bunch here. The youngest dog who owns us is Harmony and she, like he, doesn't always appear to live up to her name. She has a tendency to be bossy and selfish at home although is a dream dog in public. Cyclone is far from a storm and too short-legged to be fast.

But these two are a team. He has brought out the best in her at home. And, she runs fast, darts around a corner (outside), tucks up against the wall and waits for him.

We just never know, do we? We think people can't change or in this case, dogs can't change. Yet someone comes along and a cranky person mellows or a possessive dog becomes a sharing dog.

It's great to see.
It's a lesson to keep in my heart and my mind.

Will we keep him?
It's a question we're asking.
In the meantime I'm searching for a new and clever name.

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