Senin, 11 Mei 2009


Beatrice, our headliner for May, went to wait at the shelter for a new home today.
It took 45 minutes.
Who knows? Was it the photo and write up on the web? Was it luck? Was it coincidence? Was it karma?
Why question something ordained? She actually lives w/i a mile of us now. Who would have guessed. I told her she'd pick up her scent over here from her new house.
It was another tough "release". We had her for her 30 days of recovering from her heartworm treatments. One can get attached in that timeframe.
And now we look at Cyclone. He's a real charmer. Today was his surgery - "alteration". He's a Bassett - German Shepherd Dog.
Does that make him a Bassherd? a Shepett? a basshep? a herbass? Whatever he is he is WONDERFUL. We have adopted out lots of great pups and dogs.
What will happen next?

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