Sabtu, 17 Januari 2009


Pre-winter my husband was coerced into writing out the instructions for starting the generator and I took reference photos for the document. How organized is that? I do think if we lost power long enough, in this cold, that I'd dress all the pets in kids' clothes, claim they are an ugly bunch of children, and check us into a big hotel. We'd need two rooms as the cats and dogs aren't fond of each other.

But for now I am looking at the word "generator" itself. Think how it can be re-employed.

Generat - just as in generation. Makes me want to use it as a reflection of "people of a certain age". So I'll work on that. But also, as a noun, it implies action. So, wouldn't it be great on a business card?

We had a friend who just had her name and the word "Actress" on her card. Susie from New York, who we met in Montana and later saw on TV while sitting in our Illinois living room.

But, how about it, Kate Hein, Generator? On the back (because I believe both sides should be used) could be a listing of things generated. Generator is too good a word to let it rest 99.8% of the time, hoping that you'll never need to use it in a sentence, such as "Honey, there's no power; start the generator."

Just knowing that a generator produces power makes me want to use the word. Add to it that generals are achievers and that generalists are usually those who oversee things and there's additional appeal.

So works?

I do have a backup word though and it is one I made up. Years ago I offered it to another friend who was starting a business and it never quite fit into the direction taken so I have re-claimed it. It's a word you have to look at twice (maybe). Having made up the word I had to define it. "Eclectician" is a person who dabbles in lots of different things, one who tests new ideas, a acceptor of challenges, a participant in life.

Therefore, I acknowledge myself as Kate Hein, Eclectician and Generator.

2009 - the year to get things done!

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