Jumat, 02 Januari 2009

Are we doomed?

When I was a kid January 2nd meant bundling up to go outside or just plain staying inside. Today it's mild enough that all our dogs are outside for most of the day and we feel overdressed if we have on our coats. Global warming or just a shifting of seasons...hard to say.

Last night's radio broadcast has us re-thinking what we listen to at night. Truth is, the radio is "on" but we don't stay up and listen all night long, just hear it when someone rolls over or a critter moves and we get nudged. Don't tell me your pets don't sleep with you - I know better!

Anyway, as it turns out this year may be very unusual. Apparently the United will be removed from the United States of America and we'll be 6 regions, each specializing in regional production of raw or finished items. That means we in the Midwest get all the corn and soybeans, I guess. But, having surveyed this area I know that there are lots of odds and ends industries here too. And, we do have Caterpillar. So, fresh veggies and fruits will have to be imported from CA and Mexico. I know Mexico is not a state but it seems to be an important importer.

In addition to the separation of states we can all look forward to a civil war. Just in time for Abe Lincoln's 200th birthday which will be celebrated hugely in Springpatch (Springfield), even though he was born in KY. Hopefully our governor's "issues" won't cast a dark shadow on those events and perhaps the civil war organizers can hold off a bit to allow one last blow-out.

The chit-chatters did have a glimmer of hope for us to hang onto if we want to live through this. That is - learn some sort of "fix it" trade. Apparently they have determined that anyone who knows how to fix a bike or repair an appliance or re-invent a use for something that is irreparable will be kings and queens. I don't think that blogging counts.

But then, I doubt that being a naysayer on the radio does either.

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