Minggu, 02 Desember 2007

first go at it

Thanks to a MN friend I am now blogging solo! Being on dial up, in the country, in a "network hole", there may be some photos posted but not today. Check back.

As we come to year's end most of us tend to become more reflective, not of just the current year but of times past. For me it has been a particularly challenging year in that regard. Soon we will re-visit the anniversary of my dad's death and then that of my mother-in-law. We continue to sort, file, store, send, and toss items one last time. We are doing this while my mother is alive in hopes she can identify some people and decide who is to have what. It is trying, to say the least, as she doesn't always remember (who does?), things like photos are not labeled - you know that lecture by heart don't you so I will skip it - and she often doesn't care what happens to stuff. Of course that makes me want to ask WHY HAVE YOU KEPT IT FOR 70 YEARS? But we are doing our best.

Being an only child sucks when parents age. If you are young enough to avoid this for your own child do so - make it children. One takes all the "heat". And, if ever you thought an only child was spoiled, let me assure you that is not always the case and even in the cases where it may be true going through the final years alone is payback!

Alas, we live in piles at our home. Granted the piles are diminishing and soon we will have the energy flowing through each room again. It is gratifying to be able to appreciate some items one last time, bid them farewell and see to it that they go to the next generation to carry and pass along. Sending photos and mementos to cousins has allowed or caused a re-connect, even if it may be short-lived. But there is peace and excitement in knowing things are reaching their rightful owners. I have tracked down the (now famous) son of the pastor who married my folks over 60 years ago and wait to hear from him as to whether he wants the letter and photo I have from even longer ago than that. Yup, this has been fun.

All the while, for any who know me, you know I am in dinner theater this time of the year. In fact, I await my chariot to take me to the final performance. All right, I drive myself. We're having a great time and are serving as a great example that a lousy dress rehearsal means a great performance. But, this is the 8th day straight without a break. God, for whom we do this as it is our church group, took a day off to rest. Don't we get it?

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