Kamis, 13 Desember 2007

Did you ever notice...and more

...in advertisements or published photos featuring women that the women have their mouths open often? Not just a teensy bit but wide open, gaping. Check Oprah (bless her little heart): the covers of her magazine, habitually featuring her image, proudly display the inner workings of her mouth. Perhaps the casinos are the worst. That's because they do so many billboards.

Regardless, I have theorized that these are not flattering. Duh. Furthermore, perhaps the images are to make the woman's face look, what, thinner? If the intent is to express surprise, joy, excitement or some other uplifting emotion which then leads to reaching for the wallet or checkbook - ahhh, FAILED. We don't walk around with those expressions. They are not natural.


OK, that's number 1. Next is a funny, as we used to say in "the day". Seems I chose to do a lot of baking, cooking, and candy making this year for the holidays. Two nights ago, rather than blogging, I made fudge; 4 chip fudge as it was listed. A full fridge meant the fudge chilled outside, covered with a slide on lid (this is important), stored under a chair. Shortly after my #1 guy "turned in" I heard racket on the front porch. A quick holler to the back of the house brought a response - man with guy - and I reported that someone was trying to enter the house.

Now, this is the holiday season and I had very appropriately covered the viewing hole in the door with a decoration thus preventing me from checking it out indirectly. I went for the direct look by opening the door. I saw a tail.

That meant opening the door further. A opossum was trying to knock the pan (remember it is covered) around so the lid would come off. Alas, no such luck. The fudge now is known as opossum fudge, the gun put away, and we had a good laugh about the variety of outcomes that this could have had.

If you just read this, while eating a piece of the fudge I made, be assured the lid was securely in place when the opossum left the porch.

Well, it's kinda funny.

Lastly, I'm considering suggesting to a couple of close friends that this be the last year we exchange gifts. We don't need them, as we've said each year. We went to consumables but this year that changed back to keepables. So before we have to give each other little magnets that state "Go now or forever hold your pee." or some other clever reminder of tending to our ages maybe we should cease. Or maybe there's a market for those messages and others and we could make a killing.

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