Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

Our Flag

Early morning is great for reflection as well as gearing up for the day ahead. Yesterday, in spite of or because of the holiday, was such a morning for me as I drove to a home to walk the dogs. Cruising along on a quiet street by the university I thought about how great the town looked with all the flags and bunting on the homes, in the yards, on light poles.

Seeing the flag just boosts the spirits. Don't you just swell up with pride, even a little, despite all that we hear, blah, blah, blah, badmouthing everything and everyone who makes a comment, a decision, a move...etc. Yes, I say, I feel better when I see the flag and see people celebrating it. In our town I get the sense that the vast majority understand and value their freedoms.

And, I thought, the flag is not a holiday decoration. Yes, stars are, stripes are - in a variety of displays and configurations. But the flag is not. It is a symbolic representation and reminder of what has gone on for 235+ years to keep this country whole and free.

So, why aren't more flags up 365 days of the year? I don't care where you live. If you have a flag you should fly it all the time. If it wears out, be grateful that you wore it out by sharing it with others. When you need a new one, be grateful it will be easy to acquire. Never question the price you pay for it. Consider the price paid by others.

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