Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

String Ball Has Baby in Time for Mother's Day!

We ventured out to Lincoln, IL last week, to meet people who were bringing pet supplies for our favorite rescue group. Thank you! We are so dependent upon the kindness of strangers.

Before we left for Lincoln we figured out we could go to The Blue Dog Inn*, established 1979, for a bite. Get it? A dog place? A bite? Ha. Dark humor. So we managed to combine good deed and good food. Walking from the car to the Inn though we came upon a sight to behold.

You may see that in taking this shot I happened to cut off Mr. Lincoln's face but surely you recognize the hair, ears and chin. Ignore that though and take note that a giant string ball has given birth to a baby string ball! We were amazed to see that as we didn't even know there was one "in the oven" so to speak! Given their natural shape it is often hard to tell if they are expecting a wee one. I wish it was clearer just how big momma is - don't compare her to the old timie oil lamp, it's too close to where I stood - use the wine bottle on the other side of Abe (I doubt it was his).
So, another happy occasion was marked and I just had to share it with faithful readers. Rather than string this out I'll just wrap it up and tie it off.

*Please note, although The Blue Dog Inn has plenty of artwork depicting dogs, often photos of the dogs belonging to friends of the original owner, there is not artwork by the famous NO area Blue Dog painter, George R. You'd have to come to my house to see that, or a gallery. As I recall, George went after the person who copied his work onto restaurant walls elsewhere.

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