Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

It has to come out...

It was bound to happen. I ended up in yet another PA-rade. Granted, it had been about 3 yrs. since I tackled the parade route, dog on leash, feet in comfy shoes. But this St. Pat's Day parade, albeit a few days early, was a real eye-opener. Shameless BEGGING for candy. Delays. People drinking far too early and looking far too hopeless. Really, it was difficult to look at the crowd.

I couldn't help think...what if I was from another planet and this was my first day, the first place, the first thing I saw? Cripes, what if I was from another country on this planet?

I have to let that go though. It's not my issue. I don't like being accountable for my own well-being - it'd be much more fun to whooooooop it up all the time. It was each person's decision to be there doing whatever they were doing. No doubt they are all perfectly civilized every other day of the year, even the guy who spilled beer on my dog.

Well, I had to get a pet reference in there, didn't I?


I am reunited with THE most wonderful female friend! We have been trading messages, real US mail cards, and emails and tonight finally spoke on the old-time tellie-phone for, oh, over an hour, I'm sure. And I have happy feet because that's where the dancing starts and works its way up to my heart and head. Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming back and being so vulnerable. There will be time soon to return to our vagabond days - why, I'm ready to pack now! I think we have destinations we've not even discussed. We have hours of talking and walking and ...well, whatever it takes!

Amen to that! Life is no longer on hold anywhere, officially.

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