Senin, 14 Februari 2011

Annual Posting of Books I've Read

The list will appear at the bottom. Scroll down. Keep going. But before I do that, what's happened to this blog? Well, I guess Facebook has interrupted the fertile mind fields. It's a habit, an addiction I'm trying to deal with but the support group of blog readers has been afflicted also and we are weak!

Our winter has been what we'd call an old-time one: lots of snow and cold. Unfortunately the children of today are not encouraged to button up and get going to school or out to play. How sad this is for everyone! The exercise is good - the fresh air, well, refreshing - the briskness, the snow, the crunch - all good! Even the hike to the bus stop or to school is invigorating.

But now, the schools cancel their days before we even know if the "threat" is bringing a glimmer of truth to it. Days off are spent traipsing to the mall or in front of a video toy. And, the parents stay home too. Everyone sits, watches, gripes.

OK, not everyone, but too many people do. Hey! Here I am, in front of a PC and I'm sitting and I'm griping. That makes me all-American in today's world. I suspect there are those who say because I am what I am then I'm "entitled" (oh, no, oh, yes) to write about it.

I've got this far. I feel better. I'm going to do the list and then go outside on a great, chilly and windy day, and walk not one dog but 6 of them, separately, for many, many minutes each. And, then I'm having grapefruit and going back to the current selection for my book group. That's the real me and that, too, is all-American.

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