Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

And, so fall arrives...

It's hard to believe from the images included throughout that we're having a busy time. We've kicked off fall with inviting a couple of friends for dinner which means the house is clean. No one DARE drop a hair anywhere! In addition, there's a new foster in town...we've had 3 in the last couple of months. The group shot is all the anxious hosts and hostesses awaiting her arrival.
Fostering is SO rewarding! We toy with the idea of adding another dog to our family and Abner (http://abnerwisdom.blogspot.com/) was the last one. Perhaps we will some day.

For now it's a joy to offer temporary respite, continue with transporting - especially on the wonderful days such as we're having right now! I call this photo "3 sissies" as the Boxer's name is Sissy. She's come from the western edge of IL and is headed to the northern states, to a Boxer Rescue group. Lucky girl!

The current visitor is Casey Maxine, as seen in this photo, getting a tall, cool drink after a midday romp. We'll probably have her a week, allowing her time to be accepted by a rescue group. Unless of course someone contacts me and says they'd love to adopt her. She's 6 months old (approx), good with other dogs, probably Lab/Shep mix. We've only had her one night and one day and she's been "good" but we've had her outside a lot and in a crate at night. She loves people and seems to have a wonderful personality.

See how infectious this is? Don't you want to just help? You can! Transporters are needed. Fosters are needed. Financial support is needed. Find a shelter, rescue group or transport team. Check 'em out. Help out.
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