Rabu, 09 Juni 2010

Adventuring we go!

We get up and go. Around here we get all the work done, or at least far enough along that we see progress, and then we decide to take off and go somewhere. Now that we travel with Gloria Prissy Soho (GPS) we wander a bit less often although we can take the scenic route if we choose.

A good friend handed me an article and said the subject/location appeared to be one which fit our lifestyle.
It is a winery, tucked a-way-back in yet another small town. That's all it took. Off we went in our 4 wheel drive with GPS along for the ride. We did take the back roads and we did defy GPS and we did find the place. It was d-vine (ha ha ha, a winery with "vine" - how fine). We enjoyed the tastings, ordered food and polished that off, then purchased a case of wine to bring home.

If you are ever travelling the real road, route 55, towards St. Louis, put The Wooden Nickel, Honey Bend Avenue, Litchfield, into your GPS and stop for refreshments. Worth the off-road time!

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