Jumat, 28 Mei 2010

Annie-Jean's Story

Once upon a recent time there lived a nurse who hadn't worked in two and a half years.

She had breast cancer and could not do her job any longer.

May 15, 2010, she died.

Her pets were left behind.

It gets better.

A nearby shelter, Benld Adopt-A-Pet, heard the story. One of the dogs and two cats were adopted but that more remained. We have Annie, the Beagle now, as a foster. We never knew Jeany but she must have been wonderful as her pooch is!

I picked Annie up Wednesday afternoon. She was thrilled to see someone as a visitor. With Jean's sister's approval during a cell phone conversation, I loaded up Annie drove to our house where she promptly went outside, waiting to meet the resident dogs. That has gone well. Score 1.

She and I were able to visit our vet that same afternoon. Her shots were all updated and she was tested for heartworm. She's negative! Preventatives are in place now for that and fleas/ticks. Our small town vet knew the story and gave me a break. Thank you! Score 2.

The staffers at Benld know of (at least) one person, right in our area, who is especially fond of senior dogs and Beagles. We've talked. She and her dog are planning on meeting us sometime after June 2nd and it sounds promising. If the dogs get along it may be a done deal. Score 3.

Annie-Jean's story goes on and her life is changing. She will survive and touch hearts, reminding us of the preciousness of life.

If she doesn't go to this new adoptive home I think she'll be OK. I heard someone leaving this house a few minutes ago smiling and telling two of our dogs we may have a new resident here. Hmmm. For the record, it was not me. I was the one who said when this started that we don't need another dog.

No one ever NEEDS another dog, at least, no one ever realizes they NEED another dog until that dog arrives. Personally I hope Annie gets to go to with Tema as Tema needs a buddy. If it doesn't work, she's happy here. That's what counts.

Oh, that, and the fact there is a great shelter, with the right attitude and focus, in Benld, IL. They get nothing out of this other than the satisfaction of having helped one dog, one more dog. And, life goes on. Tomorrow brings another dog or cat. They are there to help them when they can. Creative Geniuses - each of them!

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