Sabtu, 23 Januari 2010

In A Fog

Driving along early Saturday a.m., having been to Bloomiongton on an animal transport I realized it is freakin' gloomy around here. See for yourselves, please...this is the Illinoisan view of January, from the curve of my car's dashboard. Lovely, heh? Where's the sun you ask? As if we hadn't thought of that question ourselves! It's on retreat, apparently. We hope to see it back in the area soon.What's to be done but make the most of a traveling adventure such as I took. Sure, it was exciting to have 3 cats and 4 dogs, each in its own crate, sharing the ride with me because I knew they would be going to "forever" homes. And, as I drove I realized how this is one way that Illinois doesn't appear to live as two states. Traditionally Route 80 has been the delimitaor, with Chicago claiming to be separate and north of there and the rest of the state (which did include points west and even north of Chicago, but mostly points south) were considered downstate. When doing transport our mission is to get animals from kill facilities in lower populated areas (south and west) to northern areas and no-kill shelters or actually pre-placed in homes.
Having taken the drive I stopped to visit a familiar cemetery where I thought the weather might at least offer some interesting views. This was one. There are those who will declare "Not another moss covered rock!" Yup. But it's a grave marker so not just any rock. Ponder that, RT.

I call this one 1-2-3. Just found the textures alluring.

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