Selasa, 03 November 2009

Coat of Many Colors...and Many Years

Do you have one of these: A clothing item you just haven't been able to part with although you've tried? I confess. This Liz Claiborne wool blazer, circa 1993, is one of my all-time favorites. I know where I bought it and who was with me and what else I purchased that day.
Like a favorite Christmas sweater I had for a couple of decades, this blazer appeared in photos of me with long hair, longer hair, short hair, long hair. Once I shuffled through those photos and pitched them I knew it was also time to say goodbye to the blazer. Look at it! It's long. I purposefully hung it on the doorknob to show how outdated it is.
As for waiting for this to come back in fashion, hello? Not gonna happen. You know as well as I do that those fashionistas prey on people who think something will come back in style. Off we trot to the retail store or web site and declare "Oooo, time to get out the Bianca Jagger outfit from the 70's. It's back." Then, upon closer observation or even study, we see, well, not really. It's different now. Not only that but the item we cherished and lovingly moved from one closet to another, from one town to another, one dry cleaner to another, well, it looks worse than ever next to the updated version.
Admittedly lofty thoughts drift into my mind at times and I've envisioned turning some of these favorite pieces into priceless works of art. Yes, fill the home with braided rugs made from old business suits. Turn the 10k tee shirts into stuffed pillows. Fortunately those thoughts did not anchor themselves to anything so have floated away.
So today's the day. As I head west to town my first stop will be a place where one person's trash becomes another person's treasure. It's turning colder.
Someone who appreciates warmth is more important than fashion will be sporting a new blazer soon.
Maybe that's what has made it so difficult to give it up. It's symbolic of me, and so many of us. We trade in. We upgrade. We replace rather than repair.
And, I'm about to do just that.

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