Kamis, 04 Juni 2009

June - Bustin' Out All Over

Musical titles must haunt me. More often than not I spare you the groans. But not this time.
Alas, this is last year's iris. Not that we didn't have them - we did/do. I just haven't snapped the images.
Been busy. Ed's bro was in the hospital from Memorial Day (the appointed one not the real one) with Legionnaire's Disease. Imagine that? Remember that? It was BAD NEWS! However, he's home now, having had the antibiotics do their thing on him.
That was enough gut-wrenching for us. However, the 'puters and associated equipment decided to have a bad few days. We await a new router and some memory. That will set everything straight! Ha! Till then we are in Sluggishville and not networked between the PCs. MERCY! What did we do without all this technology?
And, we've been blessed (?) with rain, rain, and more rain.
Fortunately at the end of May we were able to have the fenced in area made dog-friendly so the crew is happy. Rock coverage reduces standing water which reduces mosquito populations...a plan that came together!
Hopefully June won't be a total bust. We'll make sure it isn't! Time to make the smiles bloom!

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