Senin, 09 Februari 2009

What's in a name? or a word?

While reading another's blog I thought: Thorough or Thoreau? It's a matter of where you put the emphasis. Where does one go from there, thoroughly Thoreau? Probably a fairly PC option at this point. And, I find myself to be comfortable with that.
Here's the pawstolove point on that issue: I walk a dog and I pick up the empty cans along the roadside, rinse them, take them to the shelter for re-cycling. ta-DAH!

There's a label for that kind of effort - being able to take a bizarre point and in a matter of a few words connect it to another, unrelated bizarre point. I can't recall what it is.

Today though, disconnected to all the above, I finished reading a book which was a work of fiction...supposedly. All fiction is, face it, based on what the author knows. Or knows about. This was about a pit bull YES as a lab animal. We have two pit mixes and they are DREAM DOGS. Admittedly, they should be adopted out carefully and only to experienced handlers. That's because they are complex and smart and loyal.

But, look at the lab dog issue. Research it. There are ways to do research without torturing animals. Any time we say we could not take the place of the animal being tested we should question the entire process. Research can be done without harming and killing animals.

Fanatic? Maybe. Caring? Definitely. I can't help where my heart goes.

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