Sabtu, 02 Februari 2008

Let's Try Poetry!

Opposite Poles

Your actions

are still

so still.

You are a contradiction

an addiction

by my terms

and because of yours.

I have hundreds of poems but as usual, while searching for something completely different I found what it was I should be posting! My style is to be concise and use words that seem to work well together then find a zing or a push or a twist or snap - whatever it is! Just read and think. Not everything I write is personal - some is to make me engage more in life. Here's another one to try out.


Recently I went through deep piles of old photos and of course

There were people I didn’t know in many of them

People I’m related to

People I’ve never met

People who helped form the lives of those I love

Lots of the photos have smiling faces but there is that time period when it seems

Smiling may have been punishable by death

At least if it was a smile for a camera

How stern those souls appear

But they couldn’t have all been fearful

There had to be a certain excitement centered around having a photo taken

After all not everyone had a camera

Or had access to one

Or knew someone who had one

It had to be a bit like the circus coming to town




Is it possible they envisioned these flash moments would be eternalized and chose to secret away the part of their lives we’d never know?

We always should suspect there is more than meets the eye.

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