Rabu, 23 Januari 2008

The Girls Are Here!

Friday we picked up our two latest foster dogs: Serena and Venus. They were part of a group of dogs which had been tied together and to trees, one county away. None of the 20 + dogs, numerous cats, and couple of horses had much care. It is not that they'd been abused, but they had been neglected. They were hungry and cold and very scared. Serena (black) is now energetic and vivacious but we have to keep her calm. Venus (blond) is still very shy, perhaps she never felt a human's touch before, and so she stays willingly in a warm crate without any interest in leaving right now.
Both girls have heart worm so will be here for awhile. They have their spay surgeries Thursday and HW treatments start after that. Please keep them in your thoughts. They need good homes! They have been housetrained easily in spite of the fact that we've had to feed them several times a day to get their weight up as well as make sure the meals are small enough to not upset their systems and cause problems.

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