Jumat, 16 Februari 2007

I am DONE with PETA

I will start by saying that none of this changes my stance on veg*nism. I am still a very passionate vegetarian. I have just learned that PETA has been euthanizing their excess shelter animals and throwing them away in garbage bags. Apparently since 1998, 90% of the animals that have come in to the shelter have been killed.

As an animal rights activist, I am literally sickened at learning of these events. PETA is the face of animal rights, and they are two faced, hypocritical bastards.

Taken from this website:

"A PETA spokeswoman, Kathy Guillermo, said PETA never wanted to get into the business of euthanizing animals. But she said the group couldn't ignore the horrible conditions in animal shelters around Norfolk and in northeastern North Carolina. The group now euthanizes thousands of animals a year.
"Euthanasia is a better alternative to sitting in a stinking pound," Guillermo said."

I disagree with their logic. If they had such an abundance of animals, they needed to do a better job having them adopted rather than killing them. How is it that there are great organizations like www.paws.com that can take in all of these animals and not kill any? They advertise and they run specials and they do EVERYTHING they can to get their animals adopted.

I am so horribly horribly saddened and appalled. PETA will never receive my support again.

Taken from this webpage:

"One Norfolk television station aired a heartbreaking interview with the manager of the supermarket whose dumpster became an impromptu pet cemetery. "They just slung the doors [open] and started throwing dogs ... beautiful cats. I saw a [dead] beagle last week that was pregnant ... last week it was 23 or 24 dogs ... it's happened to us nine times ... they drove straight from there, straight here, and disposed of the dogs in 30 seconds."

Please consider getting your next pet from a no kill animal shelter.

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